Can't get Skylight colour to change at runtime

So I have 2 different zones I can walk between, and I need to blend things like skydome/fog/directional light and skylight. The skylight is proving to be tricky. If I set the skylight to have a Lower Hemisphere colour, and try to tell it to change in the blueprint, it does nothing.

Is it possible to change the lower hemisphere skylight colour at runtime please?

I’m having trouble changing the skylight lowerhemisphere color at runtime as well. I’m doing it in C++ and it also doesn’t seem to work.

skyLight_forest->GetLightComponent()->SetLowerHemisphereColor(FMath::Lerp(skylightLowerHemisphereColor_forest, skylightLowerHemisphereColor_battlefield, percentageFromEdgeOfBox));

In the Details panel, I can see that the lower hemisphere color of my skylight is supposed to be red, but it doesn’t show up that way in-game.