Can't get RTX reflections (GTX970) - is there any way to get better reflections in real time?


I’ve recently come towards the end of a little project I’ve been working on inspired by the mind-control chairs in the Parapsychology sector of the game ‘Control’ by Remedy Entertainment.

I want to add a video to my portfolio, but the reflection in the 2-way mirror in the video (link: is not Ray Traced due to not having a modern enough GPU to do so. The post processing capture encompassing the scene has all settings on Ray Tracing, so it is looking the best it can.

I would ideally like, for the video, to have a scene where the mirror material (shown below) reflects the scene accurately. It doesn’t need to be picture perfect as I know the limitations, but is there anyway I can make it so my chair & the LED spinner are at least reflected rather than the blurry mess it is currently?

Any advice or support is appreciated!