Can't get proper fish eye camera effect

Hello guys,

I’ve used this tutorial [Tutorial] - Eat3D UE4 Shader FX: Cubic Lens Distortion - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums, which works until the moment I need to plug it into camera/scene, unfortunately it wasn’t shown how to do it.

I’ve opened new project, FPS template. The best I’ve come far is:

Material Domain: Post Process in fisheye PP material, then added material to Blendables of Post Process Volume

And plugged to Emmissive Color material input that way (you can see that material nodes distorts chess texture just like in tutorial from above):

But it seems not to distort properly camera view (extreme stretching):

I have no idea why and how to solve it. Any suggestions or questions?

Maybe enlarging/zooming in the distortion map would help, but I don’t know how to do. Changing UV tiling in Text Cord nodes doesn’t go way I’d like. Just in case, let me rephrase - I was thinking that zooming in enough to fit the camera view in the center part of distortion map could hide these extreme stretches outside view.

Hello, I am currently trying to achieve what you currently have but I need some help. I have followed the whole tutorial video and eventually added it to the camera/scene but I am getting this:

When I look at your blueprint it seems a lot different, what kind of adjustments did you make?
Mine looks like this:

I am fairly new to Unreal Engine 4 so I don’t really understand a lot but I would really like some help with this problem. What I am trying to achieve is a fisheye effect on the scene/camera.

Make new material, open editor and paste this code (it will make nodes same as I have): Begin Object Class=MaterialGraphNode_Root Name="MaterialGraphNode_Root_0" Be -

Good luck with that, I couldn’t figure it out, focusing at something else at this moment :slight_smile:

Interesting - where and how would we paste the code? Unreal newbie here. :slight_smile:

Just open material editor and press ctrl+v

For anyone that’s interested I have gotten it to work, you can find the code here: [Fisheye effect unreal engine -][1]
[1]: Fisheye effect unreal engine -
There is still a minor issue if you use it now as a post process on your camera it will make other post processes in the map not visible for example water won’t be visible. I am currently working on something else.

I’ll see it later, what’s the reasoning behind change?

using 4.18, when i copy the code, i can only get the comments windows to copy;
is there a way to share this material or I’m doing it wrong?