Can't get glass to reflect properly with raytracing

I’ve tried everything. First of all: yes, ray tracing is enabled, the post processing module too and I checked the window is double sided. I created multiple levels to make sure it wasn’t my environment conflicting with it. In the material preview, my glass material actually reflects properly what’s in front of it when in sphere form. The problem arises when using a flat pane (which is what I need, since windows aren’t spheres). No matter what I try, my window will just reflect absolutely nothing. Which again, is really weird because it works great in the material preview. But when placed in the game world, no matter what angle I look at it from, the best I can get is an extreeemely faint reflection which is basically invisible. Can anyone show me some window material that reflects well? Hell, I’ll take even an unnatural reflection over nothing. Thanks for helping!

P.S please no “use screenspace reflections”, since for this project I specifically need to use ray tracing.