Cant get Dynamic Shadows to work right on Point Light BP

Hey everyone first time posting here, so I hope to make it as easy to follow ■■■ possible.

So I made a blueprint of a simple light fixture on the walls of my level, they look great when I’m up close to them, but as you’ll see in the screen shots below the shadows they cast aren’t rendered until I’m a certain distance from them.

The things I’ve Tried:

-CullDistance Volumes

-DistanceFieldShadows (Which I enabled in Project settings and when I tick it to true under details it doesn’t show a value box)


I’m missing something, I know it’s probably something really simple and I’m glancing over it smh

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Focus on the 2 lights on the Top left by the health

Same goes for my Fire torch stands here in the pic below, when I roll away only a small distance, the shadows they cast on the ground vanish. The 4 torches around me shadows are visible, the rest ahead of me, gone :confused: