Can't get AI behavior tree to interrupt itself and restart

I have a behavior tree in place to handle switching states for my enemies.
But I can’t seem to get the same branch to restart itself when the conditional changes.

As seen above, there is an investigating branch. Which faces the stimuli location, moves to it and then gets put into alert.

The conditionals for that blackboard key for attack and alert work as intended, where attacking pulls the ai out of investigate and targets the player. Same for if the ai is just alert, hearing something will pull it into investigate.

But if the enemy is in investigate, and is in the middle of MoveTo, a new location being called won’t interrupt the MoveTo, even though I have the conditional set to OnValueChanged (ie State = Investigate → State = Investigate).

What I want to happen is at any point during the investigate sequence there, if a new location is given, it should STOP Moving/Waiting anything, and start over at the new location.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am completely lost here as to how to implement.

Already tried things:

  • Making my own task using AI MoveTo in the blueprints. No effect.
  • Using different tasks, none get interrupted (like Wait).
  • Restarting editor, no effect.