Can't Get 4.5 To Perform Anywhere Near As Well As 4.2 w DK1

I’m using a DK1 with SDK 0.4.2 in direct mode. If in UE4.2 I open the first person blueprint and don’t touch a single setting (I understand that temporal AA doesn’t work well in stereo, but for the sake of troubleshooting), create a standalone build and run it, I get a solid 60fps and everything looks pretty **** good. If I do the EXACT same thing in 4.3-4.5, I get 30fps, exactly half the frame rate. It seems I’m missing something obvious here and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I’ve tried all the optimization tweaks, built the VR blueprint someone had put together this forum, but if I can get it to run at 60fps through optimization, it looks TERRIBLE, and we’re talking the first person blueprint here. What major change happened after 4.2 that is halving my frame rate when doing IDENTICAL builds in the different versions of the engine?

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double post.

with 0.4.3 sdk if you not reach solid 75fps for VSYNC lock at 75fps, vsync lock at 37.5 or something like this. You can disable vsync for check if you fps increase, ‘hmd vsync off’

i got more than 120fps in my demo and its significant more detailed than ‘VR template’, you must re-check all performance options. Default options in UE4 are very expensive for VR.

To re-iterate (using the DK1 w sdk0.4.2), I DON’T UNDERSTAND why when I launch a new 1st person blueprint, change the AA from temporal to fxaa (the ONLY tweak) and create a windows build in 4.2.1 I get 60 fps and everything looks good. When I do the EXACT SAME THING in 4.5.1 the frame rate drops by half.