Cant generate .sln files?

I have a blueprint project to which i wanted to add cpp.

after creating an empty class, I was prompted to close the engine; the tutorial I was following then instructed me to close the engine and rebuild from source. However, the .sln file was nowhere to be found.

After I clicked on generate project studio files I got:

error CS0042: Unexpected error creating debug information file Access is denied.
ERROR: Unable to compile source files.

first run your project, close it , generate .sln

hope it helps

When I try to run my project it tells me it can’t be compiled and I should rebuild from source- which i can’t since it gives me that error.

Have you been experimenting with source control? (Perforce will lock permissions on files)

Try right-clicking on your project folder → Properties and making sure that ‘Read-only’ is unchecked.


Oh! I was not aware of this. thanks for the help!

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