Can't for the life of me disable or modify post processing

Hi! Longer version here;

basically, I’ve transferred to a new project but since then my Post Processing settings (global and volumes) get locked to values I can’t tweak, and when I delete saved+intermediate and restart, some of the settings might change but most will still be untweakable.

I really (really) need to have this sorted in 3 days max for a deadline… any takers?

Its also not set inside your camera?

Heya, nope… it’s a PP volume placed in the level - it worked in the previous project, and works on and off now only I can’t change it :confused:

Set it to moveable? (Just guessing here) Otherwise maybe delete and recreate it, make a screenshot of the settings…

Thanks man, but that’s not the issue… the entire engine just locks its PP settings :confused: (or some of them)