Can't fix jagged edges / bad anti aliasing


I have a game with a fixed orthographic camera perspective and I can’t get rid of the jagged edges.
For my Lightning I use a post-process material. Here I selected “Replacing the Tone Mapper” at Blendable Location. I do this so that my colors are displayed correctly.

What I have already tried:

  • Editor Scalability Settings are all on High.
  • Changed Project Settings / Rendering / Anti-Aliasing Method. Changes here have no effect on the game at all.
  • For test purposes I reduced the camera zoom significantly but the jagged edges remain.
  • Significantly increasing the number of polagons of the objects does not help either.

The parts marked in the screenshot are all objects in the world (so no UI graphics). The red tails are created with the Niagara system, more particles don’t help there either.

Orthographic cameras are missing rendering features, but good news:

Starting in 5.3, orthographic rendering is now supported as Experimental. Multiple areas of the engine have been fixed to achieve parity between perspective and orthographic projections. Most modern features of UE5 should now work, including Lumen, Nanite, Shadows, and TSR. This represents ongoing work and we are interested in hearing your feedback trying to use it in your projects.

Not sure if the orthografic perspective is the problem, because I have the same result if I use a normal camera.