Can't find the proper WMR Motion Controller Thumbstick Axis value.

I just got myself a Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The HP one and I figured out most of the control mapping but I just cant find the thumbstick x & y value. Yes, I tried using the MotionController Thumbstick Axis but on the WMR controller its actually the touchpad and not the actually thumbstick. So I was wondering if anyone knows what the thumbstick value for the WMR Motion Controller?

Same problem here. It should be possible since the WMR headsets work over SteamVR.

Same problem for me. It should be possible since in SteamVR the controllers actually work…

have you solved this problem?

Nope. Been using touch pad since.

I am also looking to figure this out - anyone find a solution yet?

The steam vr plugin does not surface any events for thumbsticks other than the touchpad (the only thumbstick the Vive controller has).

I have a PR here to surface thumbstick events for secondary thumbstick axes:

I found a temp fix/ workaround : How to enable Windows Mixed Reality joysticks for more SteamVR games | Windows Central
The thumbsticks do work, but for some reason they also map to the brush over area on the round circle thing.