Can't find session using advanced sessions

Hi! I’m using advanced sessions and I can’t find session without using LAN but rarely can. I don’t know why I can find it then I can’t cause I don’t change anything important in bp.

This is how creating session looks

And this is how finding looks

I am not completely sure about this, but you won’t be able to use advanced sessions and expect other people to find your sessions / server. Usually you will need some in-between system like an online sub-system which lists the server.

When you search for your server from a PC on another network, the game will not be able to find it as it isn’t listed anywhere except within its own network. You can connect directly to a server using an IP Address however: [Unreal Engine] - How To Create A Multiplayer Game - YouTube. ← The video is only 8 minutes log and showcases the entire process.

As I mentioned, I can be wrong about this so please correct me if I am incorrect. :pray:

No, that’s not it. Advanced session works via Steam.

Reading this: Advanced Sessions Plugin

Updated 08/19/2021

Plugin now has two modules, one is AdvancedSessions and one is AdvancedSteamSessions, this will allow me to tie more Steam specific functions in without forcing the steam subsystem to be packaged out with projects that don’t want it.

You didn’t specify that you were using the Steam sessions, hence my explanation. Are both clients connected to Steam?

Are you trying to connect to remote computers without steam? You would have to use another compatible subsystem that has a master server to store the lobbies in.

Steam has a master server, running without steam in engine falls back to epics Null subsystem which is LAN only. You would have to declare a different subsystem than steams in the config files.

Sorry, I thought it only works with Steam. And yes both of them are connected. But I don’t understand why so rarely I can find sessions while I run server and client on one pc and steam account.

No, I’m trying to connect with steam opened

Steam doesn’t show your own lobbies when searching for them, it filters them out. If you are running both under the same steam account it won’t work for that.

Okay I understand it but why sometimes I see my own sessions?

Hi Ybane, did you manage to solve the issue?

I’m actually experiencing the same problem.

Unreal Engine really needs to moderate who is allowed to post answers in the forums. These people do not know what they are talking about. The Advanced Steam Sessions has a bunch of bugs and there are multiple people working on open source projects for it but no one is contributing to 1 fixed source, so we have like 10 different Advanced Steam Sessions plugins floating around and if they just combined efforts you would probably have a working plugin. You could go around combining all of them in C++ but I am going to assume you are a blueprint only game dev. Some facts about this topic.

  1. Playing in Standalone in the editor with 2 windows will allow you to create and find a session.
  2. I think the best youtube video for you is this.
  3. Be careful who you take advice from around here, people are just bots on here.
  4. You probably have an issue with the initializing of your Find Session node, and it can be intermediate. Hence why sometimes you see the session and sometimes you do not.
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I don’t think you know what you are talking about, its the Steam subsystem that has the bug fixes for it, not Advanced steam sessions… Advanced steam sessions only interfaces with the steam subsystem to begin with and the steam subsystem is the module that continues to break as the engine makes changes to support EOS.

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I meant Steam Subsystem but everything I said is true, sometimes sessions appear in editor and sometimes they dont. In a packaged build it works everytime. I do not know why you are so defensive on whats broken its not like its your fault that its not working. I was not talking about your Advanced Steam Session Plugin.

You literally stated Advanced Steam Sessions in that original post. I apologize for the reply but it wasn’t an obvious typo considering you doubled down in it.

You also said that people replying to him don’t know what they are talking about, when one of the people replying was myself.

You are a person I would not say that too, you obviously know what you are doing. I am sorry, and just know that you are one of the few that I would recommend people listen to. I was talking about more than just this post though. I have been lurking in the forums for a long time and sometimes I find really bad advice. To clarify its the Steam Subsystem that is broken not the Advanced version.

Oh I see bad advice a lot around here too ;p

no harm no foul, original intent was to clarify the actual problem area.

While you and I can agree on 1 thing… The forums need better moderation… however to clarify so others know your video tutorial link will not work in UE4.27.2 consistently without my fixes as the bug is in the steam subsystem… I even link the commit that caused the issue. And I have contributed to source as my subsystem commit made it into UE5.3 via a PR. I give the github source link to the actual subsystem fixes above this post. I’m not sure if your post was in response to mine or not but I can assure you I’m not a bot and if people here check my profile they can see that I’m very versed in Unreal Engine and heavily involved in the community. :heart: The issue isn’t a secret and is well documented as its been quite some time now.

​The fix is the TArray Function in not returning correctly (it’s missing an equality operator) in OnlineSessionsInterfaceSteam.h Line 400 and 413. JoinedLobbyList.RemoveSingleSwap(LobbyId.AsShared());**

For those who want to correct this themselves in source without pulling my module and overriding at the project level.

Even with these fixes you’ll still end up with NETGUID issues if your using seamless travel and I again have outlined a combination of cvars you can use in your project to fix this as well.

All the details are here.