Can't Find Multiplayer Session in Packaged Game


I have downloaded Epic’s Multiplayer Shootout template project in an attempt to test and learn how multiplayer works in Unreal Engine. When I test the game in the editor, I am easily able to host and join sessions on my local machine. However, after packaging the game, and attempting to test the game with two different computers it does not seem to work. One machine successfully starts hosting a session, but the second machine never seems to be able to find any sessions to join at all. Is there some extra setup that needs to be done not outlined in the documentation?

I know you need to setup DefaultEngine.ini with some specific settings, but it looks correct as is with this project. The only other thing I can think of is a port may be blocking the connection, however after watching many tutorials on this subject, it always seems to work right away with no issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been assuming that everything is already setup properly in the project, and shouldn’t require any further tweaking but I guess I may be wrong about that.

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I have the same problem would really appreciate an answer