Can't find game sessions online with steam


I’m trying to create an online game with Steam online subsystem and for some reason I can’t find any session I’ve created (I also have read that I should see some other games based on the 480 steam id we use for development, but I don’t find them either).

What I’ve done for now is installing the steam plugin, modify the DefaultEditor.ini to add the data it needs, etc.

Steam itself seems working since
A) I see the steam overlay ingame
B) I can create a game session with steam subsystem ( I debug the standalone version of the game and it’s using the Steamsubsystem as expected)

I assume I’m doing something wrong in the find session, since I’m modifying the method that used to use the Null subsystem and they might have different dependencies.

I’ve looked for documentation but I can’t find anything that helps me (I have low experience with UE so far).

The code I’ve tryed is the next:

Thanks in advance!

    void UOddGameInstance::FindGameSessions(int MaxSearchResults, int PingBucketSize, TArray<FBlueprintSessionResult>& Results, FLatentActionInfo LatentInfo) {
    	ULocalPlayer* const player = GetFirstGamePlayer();
    	auto latentAction = CreatePendingLatentAction(LatentInfo);
    	// Get the OnlineSubsystem we want to work with
    	// TODO: somehow when finding we need to retrieve the Subsystem in this way to actually produce search result
    	IOnlineSubsystem* onlineSub = Online::GetSubsystem(this->GetWorld());  
    	if (onlineSub) {
    		// Get the SessionInterface from our OnlineSubsystem
    		IOnlineSessionPtr sessions = onlineSub->GetSessionInterface();
    		if (sessions.IsValid() && player->GetPreferredUniqueNetId().IsValid()) {
    			// wrapper delegate that pass the Results reference in to the OnFindSessionsComplete call;
    			if (!OnFindSessionsCompleteDelegate.IsBound())
    				OnFindSessionsCompleteDelegate.BindLambda([this, &Results, latentAction](bool success) {
    				OnFindSessionsComplete(success, Results, latentAction);
    			Fill in all the SearchSettings, like if we are searching for a LAN game and how many results we want to have!
    			SessionSearch = MakeShareable(new FOnlineSessionSearch());
    			SessionSearch->bIsLanQuery = bEnableLAN;
    			SessionSearch->MaxSearchResults = MaxSearchResults; //This is 10 so far
    			SessionSearch->PingBucketSize = PingBucketSize; //This is 200 so far
    			// We only want to set this Query Setting if "bIsPresence" is true
    			if (bIsPresence)
    				SessionSearch->QuerySettings.Set(SEARCH_PRESENCE, bIsPresence, EOnlineComparisonOp::Equals);
    			TSharedRef<FOnlineSessionSearch> SearchSettingsRef = SessionSearch.ToSharedRef();
    			// Set the Delegate to the Delegate Handle of the FindSession function
    			OnFindSessionsCompleteDelegateHandle = sessions->AddOnFindSessionsCompleteDelegate_Handle(OnFindSessionsCompleteDelegate);
    			// Finally call the SessionInterface function. The Delegate gets called once this is finished
    			TSharedPtr<const FUniqueNetId> UserId = player->GetPreferredUniqueNetId();
    			sessions->FindSessions(*UserId, SearchSettingsRef);
    			OnFindSessionsComplete(false, Results, latentAction);
    	else {
    		// If something goes wrong, just call the Delegate Function directly with "false".
    		OnFindSessionsComplete(false, Results, latentAction);