Can't find any Vive input options in the key slot of the blueprints

Hi there ,

Im pretty new to VR BP but im following a tutorial from UE learning called “3D Map Navigation in Virtual Reality” and in the lesson “Developing the VR Player Pawn Part 2: Adaptable Input”
the instructor puts the motion controller triggers in the key bindings , but as I understood the system got updated after 4.24 which means thoses bindings got updated as well.

searching around it seems like the HTC Vive bindings should be called something around " Vive Left Trigger " but when i try to search for any thing related to vive input options in the key slot the only thing that shows up is the game pad triggers or oculus which doesn’t work for the vive.

can someone point out to me what im doing wrong ?

I’m having the same issue, so hopefully someone sees this soon

Accessing motion controller keys directly at runtime is not supported since version 4.24. The only way to bind inputs to actions is using the input menu in the project settings.