Can't figure out what's up with my Sword/Artefacts

So I made this in ZBrush/Maya, and textured with SP, imported into UE and now it looks good except for the strange issue of these artefacts on the blade portion. What the heck is it from? I baked low->low poly and high->low poly and had the same result… UV seems fine…

I tried scaling fill layer UV in SP, nothing has worked… Help! I’m a newb!
Also I will add this is my first 3D model attempt. Hehe.

Redid the UV map and set padding to 4 in SP. One major noticeable artefact, but it’s much better! Also adding a smoothing group!

I don’t know other programs, but in Blender there is an auto-smooth feature that allows me to set the angle limit at which it will smooth faces together. I set mine to 50 degrees and set sharp edges where I need to prevent smoothing. The final look is the first picture. If that is not available, then you can set the outer edges of the blade to sharp (like the second picture) with all of the faces set to smooth. With the whole area surrounded in sharp edges, the smoothing looks less curved and more like a flat blade. I don’t know if this can fix your problems, but this simple approach made mine look great. (In case you aren’t aware for some reason, you can set faces to be either flat shaded or smooth shaded.)