Can't edit posts sometimes

I can’t edit posts here for some reason. You can click edit, but you can’t “Save” the changes.
I had to triple comment. And now I have more info, but I can’t reply again. And I can’t edit. So I can’t share good info I found!

Hey there @Overclocked22,

Hope you’re doing well!

So sorry that this is happening. Not quite sure why but if you want to DM me on what you want to be changed I would be more than happy to help!

thank you!

I was going to edit this but i wont let me hit “save”. I press it and the button does nothing

I discovered this:

Unreal Network Address Translation in Hybrid Cloud | by Curt Anderson | Silicon Barn | The Official Blog From Multiplay’s Game Server Hosting Specialists

Apparently Multihome is bad when using cloud services. That’s not good :frowning: The OS has to know the IP address natively for Multihome commandline to work.
If it doesn’t, such as when a Google server has an internal subnet IP that is exposed externally via a different IP the machine isn’t aware of, Multihome will fail and UE will not bind to anything.

The blog says the only way around it, unless you’re using the Steam subsystem, is to modify the engine at source which a big bummer. But! I think if you know both the internal and the external IP by chance (not all cloud providers do give that info), you can provide Multihome with the internal IP and use the external IP as a custom commandline parameter which you use for everything else outside of binding (ie pass back to matchmaking or something). Ive done similar before so I dont see why it wouldnt work here. It will depend on the subsystem you’re using how to handle that, and hope you dont need to modify the engine itself.