Can't Create an empty project ( given specific Project Name)

Happens both on Mac and Windows


  1. Launch 4.13
  2. Choose C++ Tabs Under New projects
  3. Choose Basic Code Template
  4. Select No Starter Content, Scalable 3D or 2D, Mobile/ Tablet
  5. Choose Project Name ( “Stack” ), Will work with any other name
  6. Press Create Project

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Hey pyropace,

The reason you get this error is that “Stack.h” already exists in the engine, so when you create a project with the same name, you get an error as the file is already in the engine.

I have put in a issue ticket for this so the development team can block the name being used in the future. You can follow it here:

For now, simply use a different name for your project.

Thank you @Kyle Langley

just a quick note, in the bug, you mistyped stack for slack :slight_smile: , just a fyi, they won’t be able to reproduce this issue if they use slack


Thanks, fixed now.

@Kyle Langley i just tried to check the status of 35863 and it seem to be deleted. was it resloved ?


Seemed like there was a hiccup and I reset it. Should be good now.