Can't create a new question

Can’t create new questions on the forum. When I choose Asset creation category, no matter what tags I use it constantly gives an error:
An error occurred: You must include at least 1 Asset Creation tag. The tags in this group are: …
Then goes a huge list of the tags but non of them exists if I search for them in a list and so I can not add them. All other relative tags give no results. Also, some tags just can’t be added (they are not showing in the list after I select them)

UPD. Tried another category. Noticed that at the end of the warning it also says that any of my tags can not be applied to the category. Even if the tag is taken from the list above. Also, it asks to delete a tag with the UE version, and when I do a new error appears, which asks me to select the program.

Hey @Inegvin!

Unfortunately it’s something that broke when we added the “Capturing Reality” half to the new page. It IS something we know about and are actively working to fix!

me too ,but it always tips:An error occurred: Access Denied


Usually, the ‘Access Denied’ error occurs when the post is in General, Development, and Community. These parent categories are for display purposes and cannot be posted into. You should be good with the other categories (sub-categories to them)