Can't create a C++ project

Hi , it seems I can’t make a c++ project…

Further more , unreal engine crashes when a try to copy paste the error page.

I know there’re a lot of questions and answers on this topic but I unfortunately I can’t make much sense out of it.

can someone help me?

Hello Caterina,

If you’re having trouble copy/pasting the error message, would you be able to take a screenshot of it? Also, when failing to create a C++ project, does it ask you if you would like to open it in Visual Studio? If so, please try doing that and then attempt to build the project from Visual Studio. This should give you the error messages you need.

When the compile fails, please open the Output log (Ctrl+Alt+O) and then copy/paste the contents of that into a comment here. If the output log is too long, please put it into a .txt file and attach that instead.

Did you create any c++ projects before?

Like already said:

Use the snipping tool in windows and try to screenshot the error message that you get from unreal, if copying causes a crash in unreal and post it here.

Reinstall VS, but when reinstalling check if “Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015” is included. It does not install by defaults, you have to go to Custom installation.

Other problem could be antivirus

Please be aware that reinstalling isn’t required to add the Common Tools for Visual C++ 2015. It can be added through the “Modify” option given in the installer with an existing installation.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, Caterina Chaser. Are you still experiencing these issues? If so, have you tried what I suggested in my previous post? What were the results? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes. Please leave a comment whenever you’re available and the post will reopen.

Hello ,

Sorry to keep you waiting.I was really busy this month and I didn’t even realise that I got answers .

First of all , thank you for your advice. And about the screen shot…its really embarrassing but i don’t know how to do a screen shot with my pc(mac book pro)

Also , about visual studios… because I’m using mac , it seems that i need to put windows in my mac , in which i need to use boot camp assistant , and it seems that i have to do more to install the ‘app’ (?) . So i don’t think it asked that question.

But again thanks for your advice , and I’ll open the output log and do what you suggested.

Prometheus88 ,

I’ll try that , thanks!

Welcome back. You don’t need to get Windows or Visual Studio if you’re on Mac. I was assuming that you were on Windows as it is our most commonly used platform and your OS was never mentioned. Since you’re on Mac, your equivalent to Visual Studio would be XCode, which also has an Output log that you could get the same information from.

If you’re staying on Mac and would still like to get the screenshot, holding Command+Shift and pressing ‘4’ will allow you to click and drag to create a box that will take a screenshot of the area you cover. It’ll save the screenshot on your desktop for you.