Can't create a C++ Project - Compile Failed

I had to clean my computer so I installed Windows 8.1 from scratch.
I downloaded and installed Unreal Engine 4.11.2 and everything okay.
After that I installed Visual Studio 2015.
Now when I try to create a blank project or template based project on C++ section it always fails.
Here follows the error images/txt alt textalt text

Hey PlatinumBlade-

When you installed, did you make sure to check the box for Programming Languages->C++? Also, I noticed that there is a special character in the name of your users folder (the ‘i’ in ). Since the compiler can’t the character it doesn’t know where to find the file it’s looking for. Try modifying the VS install to ensure that C++ is included and try creating the project in another folder location.


Yes, the problem really was my username.
I am having this problem for months now and I didn’t think my name was the problem after all.
I have this fixed now, thanks for the help :smiley: