Can't change sun height for night scene

Hi everyone!

First, sorry for my english. I’m a frensh student. I’m working on an architectural project and I finally try to make it in Unreal Engine 4 but I encountered different problems.

I wanted to see my project by night but I can’t change the Sun Height I don’t know why? Skyshpere.JPG

I saw different tutorial so I try to make the Light Source movable 22a143e91caa5bb38f8467aa5d21f37578a9f750.jpeg

And create this blueprint thanks to the tutorial ec0277f137c31d0f5d8c011c4f4356f685a710b4.jpeg

But when I play nothing change!

If anybody can help me to change the sun height even change it manually in the settings I will be really thanks full!!

I know this is old but select your light source and turn that, not the skylight.