Can't change font and font size in Localization Dashboard


I am currently using the loca dashboard and wanted to change the font size for my translated texts. Unfortunately the settings are not saved and the changes are not shown in the game. I attached a screenshot, in which you can see that the source and target font size is both 9. If I change it to 20 the text in the loca dashboard gets bigger, as well in the preview window. In the game it is still the same size (9). If I close the loca dashboard and reopen it, the font size is also 9 and not 20.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?


For your reference, that’s actually the Translation Editor rather than the Localization Dashboard (different tools).

The setting in the Translation Editor is just for convenience when setting translations (in case the built-in editor font(s) don’t support your language). It is not persistent, and doesn’t affect the game at all.

If you want to change the font used in-game, you’ll have to set-up your Font Asset to do that. You can either create a composite font asset that supports all the languages your game needs (you’d typically do this if your game needs to show multiple languages at the same time, eg, chat), or you can create a localised font asset for each language you need to support (which allows you to have vastly different fonts per-language).