Can't build lighting in High or Production quality


I’m working on my first archviz project and eveyrthing works fine so far, except I can’t seem to build light past the Medium quality setting, as soon as I change to High or Production the build goes all the way and then when it reaches 99% it ends up saying “Lighting Build Failed”. After that the thing gets worse because I can no longer build in Medium or Preview without deleting several folders in the Unreal Project (Saved, Intermediate, and DerivedDataCache mostly, though I also usually delete the DerivedDataCache folder in the Common folder). So the process can get very annoying and time consuming as it all initializes UE from scratch, just to build at best at Medium quality.

When I first started the project and had little geometry with low settings, I actually did all the first builds in Production setting to test it out (I was having this same issue on UE 4.9.2 -having updated from 4.8.3 actually- and redid the whole project back in 4.8.3… that wasn’t fun) and it worked fine, then I worked on Preview till I had all the apartment furnished and lit, and when I hit Production again, it failed to build.

I am using a MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM 1600 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB, on Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks). I know there are better graphic cards out there and also that people tweak some .ini files to optimize the engine… Not sure that might be my problem. I also have copy of the Output Log, and there are a few warnings I don’t understand. Such as these (ArchViz being the name of my project and DaHouse of the map):

LogGarbage:Warning: GC detected illegal reference to PIE object from content [possibly via [todo]]:
LogGarbage:Warning: PIE object: World /Game/ArchViz/Maps/UEDPIE_0_DaHouse.DaHouse
LogGarbage:Warning: NON-PIE object: UnrealEdEngine /Engine/Transient.UnrealEdEngine_0s

LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ./…/…/PhysXExtensions/src/ExtRigidBodyExt.cpp (217) 4 : computeMassAndInertia: Dynamic actor with illegal collision shapes
LogPhysics:Warning: PHYSX: ./…/…/PhysXExtensions/src/ExtRigidBodyExt.cpp (266) 4 : PxRigidBodyExt::updateMassAndInertia: Mass and inertia computation failed, setting mass to 1 and inertia to (1,1,1)

Please I need help urgently as I am beginning to get hired for this and can’t afford to miss delivery dates on this issue time after time, and as of now at best I can only deliver in Medium quality, which is not bad, but I obviously aim for Production.

Thank you very much.



Hi Demian, did you find any answers to your problem? I hope so after 2 years. I Have similar problem, when i build medium its ok in 2-3 minutes. If i put high/production it doesnt even start. It stays at 0% for 10-20 seconds then fails and drops the project. I have loads of ram and the machine is not under stress. All lighmaps are 64 128 res and i have two stationary lights (direct skylight) in scene. Nothing else.