Can't adjust sun height via Set variable for SkySphere

I am having an issue where I can’t change the sun height via a variable. The skysphere has no lightsource attached so I can change the sun height inside editor settings and it works fine. The way I have it set is like so:
Player walks into a trigger box, I then cast to skysphere through “Get all actors of class” and trigger a custom event called “SkyChange”. Inside the skysphere graph once the event is triggered it calls a custom “SkyChangeFunction” which in turn sets the Sun Height variable. I’ve tested this multiple times with Print Strings. The action goes through. The Set Sun Height supposedly works but the sun height in game doesn’t change.

Variables are public.

Pls help.

The sun height is normally adjusted (if you’re talking about the sun rising/setting movement) via the the directional light found in your level.
This can be adjusted by rotating in the desired axis.

I’m afraid that’s not what I’m trying to achieve. I am trying to change the sun height variable that’s part of the original blueprint. The directional light has been unhooked from the blueprint to allow for sun height variable change. I need to be able to change the value on the fly to change the sky color. The variable is accessed however the sky color doesn’t change although if I adjust that variable in the editor it does change the color of the sky.