Can't achieve correct shading on [Lighting Quick Start Guide]

I'm going through the Lighting Quick Start Guide (LEARN>DOCUMENTATION>Lighting Quick Start Guide), but I can't achieve the same shading as the one showed in this section.

The picture from the step 2.Atmospheric and Directional Lighting

The picture from my view

I've followed every step and checked if there is any missing, but can't find a clue yet. Also, I just started learning UE4 so I'm pretty much a beginner. This question might sound out-of-question.

Anyway can anyone please tell me the possible reasons for this? Thank you for your help in advance. Cheers.


The lightmap resolution of the meshes, especially the floor, need to be increased. The default lightmap resolution is 64, but will need to be higher. Try something around 128, 256, or 512.

You can use the Override Lightmap Resolution option in the Details Panel when you select the mesh. This will override it for that particular mesh and not all instances.

For additional information you can see a Wiki troubleshooting guide for lighting that I had put together a while back:

I hope this helps.


Thank you for your help!
I tried Overridden Light Map Res in the Details panel, but it wasn’t rendered properly, but when I changed the Textures in Engine Scalability Settings, it worked fine. I’ll look further into any other info to change the Lightmap Resolution, but anyway thanks for your help!