Can't achieve correct Lightmaps

I’m relatively new to Unreal Engine and there are some things I still need to learn. One of the things I understand so far is that making Lightmaps for complex models is hard and I’m devloping a project that has some of them. The ideia is to create a creepy house with a neo-gothic architectural style to it. I’ve modeled all my assets in Blender and I’ve been working around the lights and UV’s for days. Still, I cant get certain objects to light correctly, such as the stairway collumns.
I’ve also considered making just one collumn with a correct lighting bake but they were kinda hard to position in blender, if possible i’d like to avoid going through that again.
Thanks in advance.

There might not be a lot of people looking at your question. You posted this in the UE3/UDK section of the forum. It looks like your question is for UE4.