Can't access events in Actor Component

Hi I am trying to make a health actor component so I can just add it to any actor I want to have health and to die when it loses all of its health.

I though using an Actor Component would be right for this but I can’t seem to access “Event Any Damage” which I was going to use to deduct health. How else can I implement this?

Hi 00george,

Are you sure that this is a blueprint of the actor class? I right clicked in the content browser, selected ‘Blueprint Class’ and then selected ‘Actor’.

Edit: I misread, I see that you’re using an actor component. I’ll see if I can find a way to access that event from an actor component blueprint.

Hi thanks for taking the time to reply. I got a solution here

Hope this helps anyone else who needs help.

Please go here:
if anyone needs the answer.

Glad to hear you found the solution, have a nice day!

Use the Get Owner node and from there Assign Event OnTakeAnyDamage.