Cannot turn with Oculus Quest 2 (basic locomotion issue in 4.27)

Hi Everyone,

Just about a basic and simple locomotion issue I cannot handle. I created a new Character Pawn BP and I have tried a countless times to rotate my Player to right and left but it doesn’t work with Oculus Quest 2 in Unreal Engine 4.27.2. I ran out of ideas. However, the forward/backward and strafe left/right moving is okay.
With the basic VR Pawn all of the movements work perfectly, and I think, there is no problem with the input settings in the Project Settings (Action and Axis Mappings).

I agree with the method which says the experimenting is the best way to learn, but I’m starting to get frustrated. :smiley: I’d like to get some help from you. Could you give me a little tip or some explanation how it works to understand it? I would really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

The image below shows the nodes of the Character Pawn BP how I wanted to turn the Player:


If you’re making a first person game, that kind of rotation likely won’t work very well in VR since it doesn’t take in account the players position in the tracking space. I’d recommend looking at how the SnapTurn function in the stock VR Pawn works. If you want to switch it to smooth turning, you could call it on Event Tick and set the local yaw delta variable to the axis value multiplied with the yaw rate and time delta.

If you want to use your method, one thing to check is you have the “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” property checked in the pawn, or it won’t use the rotation from the player controller.

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For snap turning you can rotate the entire pawn (as opposed to just rotating the camera)

Scene component might be called ‘DefaultSceneRoot’ in your project

+1 for thinking that smooth rotation is a bad idea for motion sickness reasons

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Thank you very much for your tip, and this was so fast. My problem is solved.

I tried the Snap Turn method from the default VR Pawn too but only the Event Tick and Use Controller Rotation Yaw were missing. The right nodes are below which produced the desired result for me:

And I exactly wanted the snap turn, not the smooth, because it can cause nausea.

Now I’m happy and thank you again! :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your tip and you’re right, the smooth rotation isn’t the best idea!

Glad you posted that image too. That’s a good way of driving it from axis values (instead of discrete events)

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Great that you got it working! You shouldn’t need to use the Event Tick in that situation though, the “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” property only applies to the “Add Controller Yaw Input” node.

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