Cannot tell the server to call a function using "replicates on server"

I have two players 1 is the server and the other is the client. If I interact with the door using the server, it’s all fine. But if I interact with door using the client, then it prints the “on client” that I’ve specified but the door won’t open.

What I tried to do is when a client tries to open the door, it sends a request to the server to call the interact function from there so every client opens it and not just that one.

Opening a door seems to be some core gameplay mechanics, so at first glance I’d enable the “reliable” checkbox on all the remote calls.

I enabled the reliable checkbox, but it didn’t help.

Still didn’t find an answer.

I don’t know the exact problem with your blueprints, but I would not implement it in that way.
If you need to replicate actor movement (which is implied by changing the facing direction) I would simply enable replication for actor movement and then do the changes only on the server (they will replicate then).


Also in general, there should be no need to call “Force net update”. If you are not happy with replication speed, you can increase the replication priority (called “Net Priority”) of the actor.