Cannot simulate physics on BP Skeletal mesh

For some reason I cannot get a skeletal mesh component within a blue print to simulate physics.
This is my setup inside the level blueprint:

The weird thing is if I just place the skeletal mesh in the world, get a reference to it and simulate physics it does work.
I also re-created this in 4.7 with the 3rd person template and it doesn’t work at all there either.

Is there some other way to simulate physics on a skeletal mesh inside a blueprint? Also checking or unchecking “simulate physics” on the skeletal mesh inside the BP doesn’t make a difference. I also tried creating a custom event inside the BP and then setting the simulate physics there but that didn’t work either.

Hello TorQueMoD,

Have you ensured that your mesh has collision? This could be the issue, if that’s not the case.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint

By collision for a skeletal mesh you mean a Physics Body created in PHAT?
Yes it has one of those.

Hello TorQueMoD,

To clarify, I meant that in your BP_Asian Ragdoll, if you go to the viewport and select the Skeletal Mesh component, does it have a collision preset? I’ve created a test blueprint using the base SK_Mannequin that is included in the Third Person Template and I was able to get it to simulate physics using your setup, but I had to first add a collision present in the Details panel of my blueprint. Hope that clarifies what I meant.

Have a great day,

Sean Flint


Oooh! I didn’t even see that dropdown list! Yes thank you that fixed the issue :slight_smile:

I had this same problem, fixed by updating collision preset.

Placing a skeletal mesh in the level and checking Simulate Physics works, but dropping that same mesh into a blueprint and turning on simulate physics did not.

I didn’t think to look at the Collision Preset like OP, because I didn’t expect default properties to change based on if its placed in a BP or a level.


I had the same problem, solved it by not executing it on server.

Just the issue I was having! Just to make things clearer for future selves. Is this bit for the skeletal Mesh Component.