Cannot set collision for SM_ROCK

Hi there!

On my level I was using simple SM_Rock models. When I decided to test my rock components I found out that I can walk through it.

I cannot enable physics for it. Though I realize it would lead to some weird reaction after I activate it as I basically use it as part of the landscape like this

But even when I set (in SM_Rock details) blockAll for collision properties it still allows me to walk through it.

What is the problem?

Go to your rock’s mesh page and press the show collision button

Highlight your mesh in the content browser and it will let you know if you have any collision prims. It sounds like you may not have any.

Indeed.The issue was with the missing collision prims. Thanks!

Happy to see it resolved! =)

  1. From the Content Browser, navigate to StarterContent/Props and double click SM_ROCK.
  2. SM_ROCK properties will be shown in its editor window.
  3. Click Collision menu and press Add Capsule Simplified Collision.
  4. Done!

Why capsule? That wouldn’t work well for odd shaped things at all. Also, why necro bump 5yo correctly resolved issue…?

Just an example. You can choose other shapes as well.