Cannot Replicate Skeletal Mesh Rotation

I have two players (tanks with bottom and top turret meshes) that spawn in a listen-server/client configuration. I need both of the turrets to rotate to a location that the cursor is on. I have that logic figured out. What I don’t know is what I need to do to make both of the respective turrets rotate to where there pointers are at. I’ve tried RPC’s, but I can’t tell it what turret to rotate and it only works on the server. I’ve tried RepNotify’s, but I can’t tell it what turret to rotate then. Please help, I’ve been struggling with this for a while.

In the player, I ended up using RPC’s. If GetLocalRole() == ROLE_AutonomousProxy I would use a Server RPC. If GetNetMode() == NM_ListenServer, I used a Client RPC, and it works.