Cannot replace static mesh with skeletal mesh

In 4.19.2 when I attempt to import a skeletal mesh that will replace a static mesh only the mesh is replaced. I do not get an import prompt to include the skeleton.
Importing the asset into another folder gives me the proper import window and everything imports cleanly.

The engine expects that it will get the same object as the first time, if it was a static mesh, then you’ll get only options for static meshes. The import settings will be nested inside the imported object:

Why doesn’t it allow to change to skeletal mesh on reimport?
Imagine you made made a game with using one static mesh. You referenced it a lot, used it in instanced hierarchical static mesh components, and so on, so on… and now with a single button you convert the static mesh to a skeletal and … well, your whole game goes to reference hell. =)

So just delete the old static mesh, replace it with another mesh if there are references and import the skeletal mesh.