Cannot re use some Niagara Function Scripts


After trying to making my own Niagara Modules and optimizing them I realized that some Niagara Functions are not library exposed.

How to display of every Niagara Functions Scripts ? Because it is a pain to search for functions in the Content Browser, while they could appear this a right clic.

For example the “Random TriCoord” is not returned when searched with Right-click, neither near nodes. And when selecting them, they do not point to the function. None.

If I copy past the function in another module, I can have some errors, and crashes.


And I can’t place those nodes without Copy/Past. There isn’t an empty function node, asking me to point to the function of my choice. this do not exist in the Right Click menu.
Instead I have to place a random function node, and when selected point to the function of my choice. But this is not a good way and the input nodes of the previous node stay.
It’s buggy.

Is there a better approach ?

Thank you