cannot post questions to likely forum categories?!?!?!?

“You are not permitted to view the requested resource”

i randomly arbitrarily seem to only kind of be able to post to “International” wtheck?

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Hey there @Plumtummy! Sorry about that! The recent update adding the Capturing Reality side of the forum has broken the category system. Which in turn broke posting in general. We are aware and some fixes are in the works!


Is there an eta, this is beyond frustrating and discord is nearly zero help

Sorry about that! A couple fixes have rolled out, and more to come. There has been no official ETA as of yet. I can still attempt to assist you depending on your question here if you’d like!

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very kind!!! , I may take you up on that later.

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I’m also having this issue and would like to get a post going in regards to an issue I’m having with the Landmass plugin. Can you direct me on what to do? I’ve reported it as a bug already but seeing as there are no posts about it I’d like to get a discussion going asap.

Hey there @anonymous_user_309fb847! Since using the question category breaks posts, you should be able to create one in almost the proper section without the question tag. However this doesn’t allow for solution selection, but the other features work fine. The category sorting is broken currently so it’ll still get the visibility a question would (for now).

If you can go ahead and try to post in the relevant location minus the question tag and see if it works out, feel free to DM me when it goes up so I might be able to assist with the question as well!

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Update: The fixes have been pushed and the categories should be working correctly again @Plumtummy, @anonymous_user_309fb847, and @neighborlee! Feel free to give it a shot and let me know if there are still issues around!

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