Cannot pick up object a second time.

I have actors with the Pickup Actor interface on them and I can pick up the object, but after I drop it I cannot pick it up again.

Additionally if I have the actor attached to a different actor and detach it in blueprints, I cannot pick it up either.

I came across this issue myself Earlier while I was trying to solve my own issues with creating a BASE ACTOR. I was unable to pick up the Flashlight static mesh I just dropped.…se-actor-issue

What I think is happening here is that you are picking up the item by the scene root, and on drop Event - setting the mesh to simulate physics.
So it looks like you have dropped the item but really the root it still attached.
I may be wrong , but if you do this with a static mesh actor or skeletal mesh actor BP, and NOT the actor BP it will work fine because the mesh is the root.

I don’t know how to solve this just yet :frowning:

Just tested this theory. When I drop the object in game, I can see it is detached from the controller in the world outliner. Would that mean that the scene root is detaching from the controller?

Update: Okay I switched it to a static mesh actor in the class settings and I am no longer having the issue so I guess I would call this solved! Thank you very much