Cannot package project with Forward Rendering enabled

I have been packaging my release game for mobile with my config for over a year now with no issues. But when I tried
enabling Forward Rendering in the Rendering setting and hit Package for Android, it immediately says packaging complete without actually packaging anything.

I’m confused as it seems Forward Rendering checkbox states it requires Shader Model 5, yet I see people packaging mobile apps using Forward Rendering with no issues, such as here: Optimizing UE4 (4.24) Projects for the Oculus Quest and Mobile (Reduce Build Times and File Sizes) - YouTube

Turning on forward rendering in project settings will prompt you to restart the editor, which is necessary to recompile all the shaders for the new shading model. Did you restart the editor and recompile the shaders before packaging for mobile?

Yes it restarts and compiles the shaders.
I should also mention I get no errors when packaging and it occurs in even fresh projects