Cannot open Source File ".generated.h"

I followed the [Programming Quickstart][1] and the [Setting up Visual Studio][2] section of the documentation multiple times and am getting tons of errors in the Actor class i create. Things like E0135"UObject" has no member “BeginPlay” / identifier FTakeAnyDamage undefined

Ive Installed C++ tools in VS, tried regenerated uproject files, but it’s a fresh project generated by the 4.20 engine. The project builds fine. But these errors are making me crazy. Is there something i need to change in settings

My Configuration for build:

Everything is default, freshed install of VS and UE4.20. Any ideas are appreciated.

It’s a known issue for 4.20 build: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-62042)

Thanks! I ending up building from source, but I installed Visual Assist and that works well. Will check the known issues next time.