Cannot open include file

I’ve created a “basic” c++ class i.e. a file without a header like so:

#pragma once

class Combo

		ComboID = 1;
		//ComboButton = "";
		ComboDamageScaling = 1;
		ComboDelay = 1;
		//ComboAnim = "swim_rt_rif";

	int ComboID;
	float ComboDamageScaling;
	float ComboDelay;
	TArray<Combo*> ComboList;
	//string ComboButton;
	//Name ComboAnim;
	//SoundCue SwordClank;

	/*void Add(Combo ComboToAdd)
	if (ComboList.Length > 0)
	ComboList[ComboList.Length] = ComboToAdd;
	ComboList[0] = ComboToAdd;

And my other classes can’t seem to find/open it i.e. this doesn’t work:

#pragma once
#include "Combo.h"

Any Ideas?

I think you missing something related to UHT and UBT, try creating class via “Add Code o Project” since 4.2 it can create UObject-less classes from it, it should have everything you need

Thanks I’ll try it out :smiley:

Sorry but I can’t find the option to create a basic class, only to add something that extends UObject?

Looks like you MUST make sure that there aren’t any errors at all within your classes. I know that’s obvious but the errors I had only appeared if I commented out all but the constructor and slowly added it all back in.

Sorry, although the class wizard was improved for 4.2, the ability to create normal C++ classes (without a UObject base) won’t be available until 4.3.