Cannot open include file: 'IHeadMountedDisplay.h': No such file

Forgive my ignorance, I am transitioning from C# to C++ and I’m not entirely sure why I am getting this error. The file exists within the Engine install folder and I am not sure if I should be moving it to my project folder or using or what… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Need to add the HeadMountedDisplay to your PublicDependencyModuleNames.
If you’re going by the wiki page, my bad - I forgot to put that step back in when I updated the code.
I’ve updated it again, with both a bug fix and the information about PublicDependencyModuleNames.
See Oculus Rift Separate View : Your.Build.cs.

Thanks for that, I finally got it to compile! There was a slight problem with YourGameMode.cpp where both DefaultPawnClass and PlayerControllerClass equalled AYourPlayerCharacter, which caused UE4 to throw an error.

I went ahead and fixed it by having PlayerControllerClass = AYourPlayerController instead, I also updated it in the Wiki, I hope you don’t mind!

Not at all sir.
I expect it will go through many changes as we learn how to use the tech.

Weird to bump this old thread, but I’m getting the same error - I have “HeadMountedDisplay” in my PublicDependencyModuleNames and it actually works fine, BUT because it doesn’t recognize it for some reason - it can’t load autocomplete and it appears to have errors until I actually build it…