Cannot move around VR

Hi all,

I am new to learning UE and VR. I have created a new level using the VR Basics in UE. I was able to connect my Oculus Quest 2 and launch it to the glasses. I can see the VR environment and move my head around, but I cannot manage to get to move around. The buttons on the Quest controller do not work.

How do I fix this?

Juan PRieto


As long as your inputs are setup with the “Oculus Touch” specific inputs. (Project Settings -> Input) Everything should ‘just work’ <tm>

If you run your Quest w/ Oculus link, you will be able to use ‘VR Preview’ to more rapidly iterate on your input testing.

Also, I think it’s weird to call your Quest 2 “Glasses” - Probably in the same way audiophiles think it’s weird when I use the word “Headset” :-p