Cannot Include Avatars in the Forum

I tried to change my avatar in the new forums. But, it won’t show a place to update my own. I can only select a set of pre-defined avatars.


Looking forward for a fix.
(Anyway, the new Discourse based forum is so cool. Thanks for changing this)

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Of course it doesn’t…
There’s no way to flag or review uploaded avatars in discourse before they are made available, so they’ll probably never allow it.

Don’t know about specifics. But, I used many Discouse forums where I can upload my own avatar :smiley:

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OFC. and we can also upload ANY picture without it needing to be reviewed, so it’s not like they couldn’t implement local avatars… (it’s that they have chosen NOT to)…

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Yeah, we need custom profile pictures. The usual moderation rules should apply. If someone uses inappropriate/explicit picture, they should be banned. But the vast majority of reasonable people here on the forums should not be punished for the potential exploits of the few disorderly ones :slight_smile:


It’s nice the way it uses the clicked on picture without you pressing the save button… :slight_smile:

For the time being, we’re going to roll with the presets that we’ve provided, but we’re open to exploring ways to open it up, maybe with higher level users or something.

Ah cool. That’s a great approach for sure.
I like that.

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That’s honestly a bit shallow and dodgy answer. Kind of corporate speak. What ways are there to “explore”? Custom forum avatars is something that discourse forum system easily allows, and is something commonly seen in pretty much any other forum out there. Not something groundbreaking that needs to be explored or researched.

I sense some legal issues in regards to Epic’s responsibility for the digital content on the site they are hosting, but honestly as long as we can attach images to our posts, which we can, then this doesn’t seem to be a real obstacle anyway.

Hey @Rawalanche - I didn’t mean it to come off that way. We’ll need to discuss it as a team though, and determine if opening it up widely makes sense or levels are a solid route. We’ll keep ya posted!


Not really, only since 2013.
And @Amanda.Schade please do not use that gravatar trash. Local uploads is what the community needs.

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Well… yes… since that’s when it was released:

commit 21b562852885f883be43032e03c709241e8e6d4f (tag: v0.8.0)
Author: Robin Ward
Date:   2013-02-05 14:16:51 -0500

    Initial release of Discourse
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The commit with local avatar came later.

What’s funny is that Wikipedia rewrites history, marking the initial release as 2014…
Yet, I remember looking at it in 2012 while it was being developed. Go figure.

Heh, was that supposed to counter my point? :smiley:

That’s like me saying “Unreal Engine allows users to use ray tracing”, and you come in saying “Not really, only since 2019”… Well, obviously :smiley:

No, may point is more to the fact that it wasn’t a native function but something you actually have to configure.
Whereas raytracing is more of a native function. You don’t have to install an extra module for it to work or turn on a plugin…

That doesn’t seem to be the case according to this 2013 blogpost. All you have to do is to turn it on:

I mean, in UE, you also have to first enable ray tracing and restart the engine to turn it on. Bottom line is that even if custom avatars were an external plugin, I still don’t believe it’s nowhere near difficult to achieve, especially for a corporate entity the size of Epic :slight_smile: No need to make it look/sound like it’s some significant amount of additional work.

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Absolutely never ment for it to sound like it’s a huge amount of work.

Just pointing out from having it activated elsewhere it’s not a defacto function.
Unless you go and do it, you won’t have it.

Additionally. It’s not the only thing they screwed up with the install :stuck_out_tongue:

how’s that exploration going about custom avatars?

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Any news on the custom forum avatars? I am visiting more discord based forums than just this one, and I am usually much more engaged on the other ones simply because of the fact that when viewing the “Latest” section on the homepage, I can spot my favorite users by their usually unique avatar and quickly jump in to see what interesting thing they had to say.

On this forum, it’s mostly disappointment because everyone uses the same avatars so it’s almost impossible to tell if someone I like posted something :frowning:

The amount of value the lack of custom avatars removes from this forum is significant.

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