Cannot Include Avatars in the Forum

It’s make posts very hard to read at a glance too. You have to keep checking the name to know who’s saying what since the avatar is a colored letter or a generic picture.

Gimme back my custom picture, that’s who I am across the web.


It must be a very thorough exploration and research, it might take years to prepare with the greatest minds of the world and the leading edge experts on the topic. I can’t wait to read their white-paper “End-user specified pictures attached to every text entry submitted by end-user on a threaded communication platform”. Exciting times we live in today!


Epic should have run a pilot first to discover usability issues. Maybe the thinking was: ‘Well done team! We’ve made the Forums into a wasteland now. So there’s only maybe 10 or so people posting anyway. So we’ll never actually need more than 14 different avatars, right?’ :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading what you wrote all I could think of was this… :grin:

@VictorLerp @Amanda.Schade @Hourences


It’s not a matter of implementation, it’s a matter of moderation. We’re looking at using Trust-levels to unlock custom avatars.

ofc, I was just pulling legs. but speaking frankly, this is not exactly rocket science. neither it is moderation wise: you see someone with nasty profile pic, you report/ban the user. I agree with trust-level requirement actually.
however tangentially speaking: until you finish playing 3D chess against your minds about this, can you please allow the users to go back to the single letter empty avatar? the default case before setting one from the pre-defined presets. I clicked on them to see how they fare, but I can’t go back to not having an avatar.

Same here. I miss my E.

I am confused. Even new users are allowed to immediately post pictures to this forum, as well as links (which can be malicious). So on the one hand, Epic is already willing to take on the responsibility to moderate pictures in the form of post attachments posted by new users, but is not willing to take the same responsibility in terms of moderating the pictures in form of avatars? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This doesn’t add up to be honest.

EDIT: Also, I am not sure trust levels would be sufficient solution anyway, since there seem to be some bots here posting random posts just to gain the trust level: Profile - Bravito2020 - Unreal Engine Forums

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I feel the same.
Maybe Epic’s lawyers don’t know about that yet!
Hey Victor, let them know about that.

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