Cannot get VR to display correctly on Samsung S7 for the life of me (tried two different phones,)

I’ve been trying to get this working for weeks, but it just does not seem to work on two of the Samsung Galaxy S7 phones I have here.

Here’s what I did:
I made a very simple mobile VR app following the Unreal tutorial.
Everything compiled correctly and was correctly loaded onto the phone.

This is the problem:
<See screenshot 1>
The eyes seem to be crooked on both Samsung S7 phones. I’m looking straight at the corner of the platform, however on both eye views this corner is not centered, making the view cross-eyed. I’ve tried many different QR codes for different VR devices, all have the same problem. Eyes are crooked.

I’ve loaded the EXACT same app build onto two other phones, a Nokia 8 and a Huawei phone. Works perfectly fine!
<See screenshot 2>

I’m starting to think there is something work with Galaxy S7 phones or something. Does anyone have any more idea’s on how to fix this? The build works perfectly fine on other phones, just not these two Samsung Galaxy S7 phones, it’s driving me quite crazy.

<See screenshot 3>
I think the screens are cut off or something on the S7, look at the shape of the eyes. The focus point of the corner of the platform is still in the middle if you were to extend the screen.