Cannot Get Spawned Actor Replicate Properly

I’m calling an interface from within my HUD

The interface is sent to my_character, where an RPC is called to spawn the object that I’m calling

I am then spawning the item at the location of the player.

But the problem is the item is spawning in front of the SERVER INSTEAD OF THE CLIENT and is NOT replicating on the client’s side at all.
The item is already set to replicate. I’d like the item to spawn in front of the CLIENT and replicate to all other clients, but it’s not.
Any ideas?

please check wiki first, i specifically wrote one for multiplayer spawn/respawn.

I’ve already went through your assignment on wiki about 3 times before posting. I usually exhaust all avenues before I post here. :slight_smile:

if it’s not a pawn, say you wany to spawn something without replicable native mesh/movement, you will have to do the following.

  1. in your blueprint, either static or skeleton mesh, tag your object replicabe. there are no other movement class you can add except projectile and rotate movement, so usually choose projectile and set to allow bounce to do any replicable movement for your custom obj.

  2. go through all your movements and if you have a collision shape(you should), check for all their replication settings, try to mimic what a default pawn have.

  3. check your physics role, and collision behavior(make sure they do wjat they should)

  4. stop here and start spawn your object and make sure it works on both server and client.

  5. if all okay, you can then start plan how things should work by arrange your event rpc to one of multicast/run on server/run on owing client. the rest should pretty much covered by Epic’s tutorial.

Thanks penguin, I’ll keep that as a checklist :slight_smile: