Cannot get controller to activate trigger

I’m hoping this is a simple mistake on my part. I am using the Vive VR Template and I am messing around with some things. I have created a box called RightMotionBox and put it on the pawn so it stays in the same spot within the chaperone area. Under collision presets I set it to Trigger. On overlap my right hand activates it when it collides, but for some reason no matter which component of the controller I use to try to get a True value for the branch it never shows true and continues from the branch.

I’ve tried all 4 of those right hand components and they all do the same thing, causes the trigger to execute, but it will not come back true to make it past the branch. How do I get it to read true?

I based this off of this document here: Blueprint Visual Scripting | Unreal Engine Documentation

Maybe there is more to the Equals(object) that I am not understanding

On the beginoverlap I plugged the actor pin to the equal instead of component, but it does the same thing as well.

Using ‘Other Comp’ for one object and continuing to use Vive Controller R as the other solved the issue. I don’t know what other component means in comparison to overlapped component since I figure it is also overlapping. Regardless, I will create a new post about this out of curiosity and maybe it will help someone that was trying to google this like myself.