Cannot find UE5 on my Epic Games Launcher


I have been trying to install UE5 but the Epic Games Launcher only shows UE4.27 and earlier versions. UE5 does not seem to be available to me. I would greatly appreciate some assistance.


How can it be that this is asked so often in the last week that I even have a file with the following link in it on my desktop. And noone uses the search.

Click on “engine versions” than a new grey entry is added. Than select the version from the combobox (small arrow) on the grey entry.

Ive tried this and still on ue4 available

Than you should provide more information what you do, perhaps screenshots.

I am experiencing the same issue. Fresh installation, Click yellow + to create new gray engine box, then click drop-down. The list only includes 4.27.2 and prior versions, not 5.x. Has anyone found a solution?