Cannot find static mesh for Static Mesh Actor on import

I am trying to import an architectural scene which was exported from Max via the Datasmith Exporter into UE 4.19.2 and Unreal tells me it cannot find any static meshes for any static mesh actor (The scene stays empty as there are only actors without any meshes linked to them). Cameras, materials and lights seem to be imported correctly. I updated the Unreal Studio plugin to the latest version for 4.19.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Hi Joshua

The best approach to get help troubleshooting this may be to open an Unreal Studio support ticket and provide the 3ds Max file to our support staff. We can then go through the steps to determine what is happening.


Please try this with 4.20 Preview 5 and see if it now works.

Hi Beyond Matter,

By reading your post , i’m thinking that you may be missing your _Assets folder.
For Unreal to be able to upload your static meshes , you need to have that folder.

What you need for everything to work should look like this :

.udatasmith File
_Assets folder


Hi CaptainMazza,
can you elaborate on the _ASSETS folder, is that a 3ds thing or an unreal folder. I’m having trouble too and I dont know where to find this folder.

Thank you for your help.

Ah, this is more of an ‘intermediate’ thing: when you export a file via Datasmith from 3DS Max, in the place you saved the .udatasmith file, you also get a folder named <NameOfExportedFile>_Assets at the same level as that file. Should be right along side it.


Thanks Charlie. The solution solved my problem.

Hello, im having the same problem, i found the folder with all the static meshes, what should i do next? Thanks!

You first need to make sure the .udatasmith file you are importing has the corresponding folder with the assets next to it.

In the attached example you can see a folder where I have several udatasmith files with their corresponding assets’ folder.


In UE you should just import the udatasmith file. If it is still not working:

  • tell us which version of UE
  • which software do you export udatasmith from
  • what messages do you see in UE logs?
  • if possible share the udatasmith and the asset folder with us.

I’m having the same issue. I’m using UE 4.27.0. I’m importing from Sketchup Pro. I export using the datasmith extension in Sketchup, then import using the extension in UE4. The assets folder is in there full of files with the extension .UDSMESH and I’m getting several errors along the lines of:
Cannot find Static Mesh M14609d_1 for Static Mesh Actor Component_2993.StaticMeshComponent0.
I’m not sure what’s going wrong. I can share the files with you if need be.

yes please in a private message.

I was able to figure it out, fortunately. I had a version mismatch between my datasmith extractor for sketchup and my UE version. I was extracting from sketchup with the UE 5 tool instead of the UE 4.27 tool. Thank you though! I appreciate it

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Thank you.
That was the solution for me. Double check your exporter version, so it same as your UE version.