Cannot find how to modify template character class

I’m a beginner to UE4 and to game design as a whole, and as I’ve been following different tutorials for the past few days, they often get to a point where the template (3rd person is what I’m currently interested in) character class needs to be modified. All is well, and the engine usually automatically opens it up in Microsoft Visual Studio. What happens in my case, is that the both GameMode.cpp and .h and ProjectnameCharacter.cpp and .h just can’t be found anywhere. My VS does not detect them (Microsoft VS 2015), so I decided to check the project source files and they weren’t there either. I really don’t know where to manually generate them or just work around this issue somehow, as I’m completely inexperienced in the domain. Many thanks to anyone who answers!

Hey Kirin-

When you click on the character in the editor viewport it should also highlight the character in the world outliner (located in the upper right corner of the editor by default). You can then click EditThirdPersonCharacter to open the blueprint for the character. In the top right of the blueprint where it says “Parent Class”, it should say “[Project Name] Character”. If you click this it should open that class in Visual Studio


Thanks for the advice! After following your instructions I managed to get a hold of a certain “Character.h” file. I’m not sure if they just changed the name or not, but for some reason it’s a only file. Is that normal? If so, is there any way to also get my hands on the .cpp file? I’ve attached a screenshot of what that got me to.

Is your project originally a code project or a blueprint project? I ask because Character.h is an engine file which is why it is -only. If you created the project as a C++ project, your character class should inherit from Character.h. If your project was originally a blueprint project that you added code to, any logic that is not defined in Character.h will exist inside the blueprint.

I found the issue. I didn’t notice that blueprint projects and C++ projects were built differently. I just assumed that you could take a blueprint project and mess around with it just as you would a C++ project. Now that I tried the latter, it all works. Thanks a lot!